Social Security Disability Lawyer in Charlotte, NC’s Take on Illness

One of the things a person opting for SSDI should be aware of is that when filing an individual request, the condition being experienced by the claimant should be such that it renders him or her unable to function and earn a living. On that note, a professional social security lawyer in Charlotte, NC keeps in mind that when it comes to filing for Social Security benefits, a person’s disability or condition does not necessarily have to exactly satisfy any of the conditions listed in the Blue Book.

Rather, the SSA determines whether the symptoms exhibited closely and medically resemble that of an existing disorder found on the list. Once this is confirmed, the patient is deemed eligible for benefits; this is called “equaling a disability listing.” Upon filing a claim, the claimant will have to present recent medical evidence to the SSA—such as a physical examination record, an MRI, X-rays, and mental health records—to determine the validity of the claim.


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