SSA Disability Benefits—Disabilities Covered

When deciding whether or not an applicant for disability benefit is qualified, the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers many different factors. Their goal is to confirm that the applicant’s disability meets their criteria and the corresponding benefits are well-defined. Here are some of the major criteria for approving applications for social security disability benefits.

Substantial Gainful Work

Being unable to do your usual job due to your recent disability doesn’t immediately qualify you for social security disability benefits. The SSA will make sure that, apart from your usual job, your disability must have also prevented you from doing other jobs, which means there is no other way you can earn a living. That’s when the financial support is granted.

Duration of the Disability

Injuries from an accident can immediately render you incapable of working. Although, at that moment, you become qualified for social security disability benefits, the SSA still needs to know how long your disability will last. Only those disabilities that will last at least 12 months have corresponding benefits. The duration of the disability is normally based on your doctor’s written advice.

Jobs Under SSA Programs

Social Security disability benefits are given to citizens who have worked long enough. However, SSA programs only cover specific jobs. For you to be able to qualify for the benefits, your job must be covered by those programs.


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