Securing Your Social Security Disability Benefits

According to 42 USC 12102, the word “disability” refers to “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual.” While this could mean a wide range of impairments, it may only pertain to certain types and degrees when referring to social security disability. Only those that are specified in the definition given by the Social Security Administration (SSA) are deemed eligible for claims and benefits.

Social security disability benefits are given to U.S. citizens who have worked long enough and suddenly suffered a medical condition that prevented him or her from working any further. Their job, however, must be covered by Social Security and the medical condition must meet the agency’s definition of disability. The minimum number of years for someone to secure eligibility is ten.

SSA measures a person’s eligibility by the number of credits he or she has earned by the time the claim is filed. The credits are given based on the number of years the applicant has worked. However, even if he or she has 40-year credits, he can only receive the corresponding benefits when he reaches between 62 and 70.

Claiming for benefits is a convoluted process. Considering the applicant’s medical condition, which is the main reason for his or her application, it is quite daunting for him or her to do it alone. Fortunately, there’s a social security disability lawyer who can help. This professional can help an eligible applicant be granted with the right compensation.


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