The Disabled Fight for their Rights

In the United States, the unemployment rate for people with disability (PWD) is 17.8%, while the unemployment rate for the general population is 9.1%.  This basically means that employers are less willing to hire PWDs, or the PWDs refuse to work for fear of losing their benefits from the Federal Government. That’s why many PWDs decide to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Victim of the System

Though not a perfect system, Social Security does its best to provide deserving members disability benefits, but with much difficulty. Documentation and certification is needed (what bureaucrats like to call “necessary evils”). Then to add insult, more than half the applications are denied at the onset.

Don’t give up

Once an application is denied, lawyers will advise the member not to re-apply, but to appeal the decision instead. The member is given 60 days after receiving the letter of denial to file an appeal. Should that appeal be denied, the member will have a hearing scheduled anywhere from 10 to 13 months after the 2nd denial.

Professional guidance

Legal experts recommend enlisting the services of a competent law firm to assist in the appeal or hearing, simply because they know the process and its idiosyncrasies. They should be able to analyze why your application was denied and figure out a strategy for the appeal.


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