Financial Options for the Disabled: SSD anad SSI

Disabled people, regardless of how their disability was acquired, will find it difficult to lead normal and active lives. Disabled members of society will find it difficult to work and experience life the same way that a healthy person would. This can mean financial trouble, as they cannot work as efficiently as the next healthy employee.

However, the federal government has offered avenues that can help these people in need. The Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSD) is a payroll tax-funded insurance program by the federal government of the United States of America, which aims at providing supplementary financial backing to disabled members of society.

The other type of benefit that disabled Americans can utilize is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The program provides monetary aid to low income people who are retired, blind, or disabled. Both systems aim to help Americans who need it, but there are differences between the two of them.

One can say that SSDs are for individuals who have accumulated more experience in the workforce as individual people. Disabled people who haven’t worked enough years will have to settle for SSIs. Ultimately, however, anyone can agree that both policies go a long way to helping disabled American survive.


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