How Do Social Security Disability Lawyers Work?

Unlike conventional attorneys-at-law who get paid in a lot of ways, a social security disability lawyer only receives payments thru one procedure – contingency. This means that service fees are only due after he/she wins a client’s disability claim. It doesn’t matter if the case would go on for several years; the lawyer will not get paid until the claim is won.

To get a gist of how these types of attorneys do their work, here are several steps in their work procedures:

  • A written service fee agreement between the client and the lawyer is commenced. Much like a contract, the agreement lists all conditions concerning the payments of the attorney’s service fee. Afterwards, the document will be sent to a Social Security Office for approval.

  • One content of the fee agreement form is the sum of money to be paid for his services. Normally, terms set by Social Security laws mandate that an attorney shall not charge beyond $6000 on service fees, which is normally 25% of the back pay of the client seeking the insurance claim.

  • These lawyers also charge fees from clients to cover legal costs. Working on a case requires resources, and attorneys are permitted to charge reasonable legal fees in order to keep the insurance claim alive.

Most attorneys will not ask their clients to pay legal costs in advance. Instead, clients are asked to reimburse everything after the claim has been won. All conditions will be included in the fee agreement. 


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