Tips on Preparing for an SSI Hearing

People who get into accidents resulting in long-term or permanent disability can get compensation through the federal program called Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Nevertheless, there are people who apply for this benefit and end up being denied by the court for various reasons. To keep this from happening to you, here are some tips you should look into.

Hire an Attorney

Filing for your SSI benefits include a lot of paperwork to be completed, so it’s best if you hire a dependable social security attorney for help. Aside from this, a reputable lawyer can also help you prepare your answers for the administrative hearing that follows.


On the day of your hearing, make sure you meet with your attorney some hours in advance to review the hearing process and its parameters. You should also take this time to refresh your mind and consider the questions the judge might ask about your disability and how you’ve been coping with it.


Be as comfortable as you possibly can; dress in neat and respectable clothing without sacrificing comfort. This is important because you need to mentally condition yourself to answer the necessary questions as accurately as you can. Being distracted with little things might only serve to put you on edge.


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